DoubleClick Search

DoubleClick for Search is an enterprise level paid search management platform, which empowers advertisers to efficiently manage their PPC campaigns across multiple search networks.

Advertisers integrating their campaigns with DoubleClick for Search can streamline their workflow and leverage powerful reporting.

Here, at Ascent Digital we have a team of DoubleClick Search Certified experts to increase your campaign performance and ROI.

The benefits of using DoubleClick for Search to manage your Paid Search campaigns:

Unified tracking 

One tracking pixel to track your conversions across all of your paid media networks.

Make data driven decisions with cross channel insights and custom attribution models.

Upload offline conversions and integrate keyword level call tracking to give a full picture of how your paid search campaigns are really performing.

Choice of Attribution Models 

While, most advertisers are still using the traditional ‘Last Click’ Attribution model. Enterprise level Advertisers with DoubleClick for Search, advertisers can now leverage bespoke attribution models.

We can also leverage DoubleClick Natural Search to measure and track organic performance.

Smart Bidding 

Smart Bidding helps advertisers optimize performance against KPIs using an intelligent bidding algorithm that uses various signals to optimise your CPCs up to 4x times a day across keywords, devices and audience targets.

Ascent Digital PPC Practitioners have developed best practice methodologies to ensure a smooth launch to Smart Bidding Strategies and maximise campaign performance.

Measure Mobile Performance 

DoubleClick uses a unique algorithm to measure paid search activity that are cross device.

Using DoubleClick Search it is possible to deliver bid optimisations based on cross device performance. Leveraging DoubleClick Search you can optimise your campaigns cross-screen.

Powerful Reporting 

DoubleClick Search Executive reports can be used to automate weekly & monthly reports. They look great and are easy to setup. We also use Executive reports as part of daily monitoring & reporting for our largest clients.

Ascent Digital & DoubleClick Search 

DoubleClick Search is Ascent Digital’s preferred paid search management technology. Our search team are experts in DoubleClick for Search, all of our practitioners are fully DoubleClick Search Certified and we integrate every client campaign with the technology. DoubleClick Search saves time in campaign management and its features such as Smart Bidding help drive performance growth and efficiencies.

Is DoubleClick Search right for you?

Are you running search activity across multiple networks?

Are you spending too much time optimising bids?

Are you spending too much time pulling data for reporting?

Do you want more time focus on strategy?

If the answers to the above are yes then DoubleClick Search may be the perfect technology for you.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about how we can integrate your paid search campaigns with our DoubleClick Search technology and drive performance growth.

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