The Importance Of Organisation In Outreach

The Wonderful World Of Outreach


Working as part of the outreach team, I NEED TO maintain a communicative and productive relationship with clients when working on their campaign.

When managing a number of campaigns, it’s important to stay on track and up to date. organisation is key in knowing where you are at with a campaign. You need to be on the ball so both you and your client are aware of what you are working on within the campaign at that time.

Everyone organises themselves differently, one’s chaos is another’s organised mess. My personal methods include making tables and mapping out my daily activities for each of my clients on a monthly basis. This helps me to keep track of all my opportunities I find for my clients, and I really go all in with colour codes, tick boxes, and post-it notes, to make sure I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing when I should be doing it.


The relationship between myself and my clients also involves the use of an online communication platform to further organisation of the campaign. As a team, we can present opportunities and discuss the campaign with clients, helping us to organise campaign tasks between ourselves and our clients, should they need to send over images, content or comments for opportunities. The platform enables us to assign individuals to manage and monitor certain tasks with you when you need them.

I find tools and platforms such as these essential, as our department is able to maintain links with the client as well as other departments, so we all know what each other is doing and can keep everyone up to date and organised as a whole. Responding to client messages and posts effectively, and updating them with our actions, allows them to feel connected and close to the business through our quick responses, building trust in what we are doing to benefit their campaign.

Organising and managing your time effectively using methods that work for you, combined with that of social business-orientated platforms, can make all the difference. Another tip I found helpful, is having a weekly calendar. Weekly calendars are great to draft on your plans such as key tasks and the clients you want to focus on that day. This is also beneficial for should you be going on holiday and need to hand over clients to a colleague, as you can give them your planner with actions already mapped out for them.


Don’t be mistaken once you’ve made your monthly plans and have drafted everything out that you can’t then change it, it’s important to still have a degree of flexibility to conduct other necessary tasks if they are urgent. The more organised and up to date you are, the more you will understand about your clients and when tasks can be swapped around on your planner. You’ll be able to manage actions and know what will and won’t be affected by changing things around.

This article was written by Gabrielle Sharpe, Outreach And Content Executive at Ascent Digital. A recent graduate, she has adapted well into the world of Outreach. She uses the skills she learnt in Uni to great effect and lets her natural creativity and flair loose both in and out of work! 

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